Homeless Black Woman Doused by Old White Man Wielding a Hose- Watch Video

A video has blown up on the internet showcasing an old white man relentlessly hosing down a homeless black woman despite her cries for him to stop.

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The video was uploaded in a tweet posted by No Jumper, where the old man can be clearly seen drenching a woman who appears to be homeless. The video has since sparked outrage on social media, and it seems to have been shot from a passerby’s cellphone.

The man can be seen drenching the woman while ordering her to leave where she was sitting. He could be heard saying, “move, move, move…you gonna move?”

The woman, who was sitting on the sidewalk, tried to plead her case as the man uses a gardening hose to soak her and her possessions. However, the man cruelly kept shouting at the woman, asking if she was going to leave the area.

The lady, however, sat there adamantly. The comment section of the post lit up as some wondered if the man was simply just heartless, if he was racist, or if he had a valid reason to treat the woman so inhumanely.

The man seems to be the owner of a business establishment behind him, but some people who commented disagreed with his methods of dealing with the situation. The short video clip ended abruptly before viewers could see how the altercation was resolved.

Someone said, “I understand your concern about this being a hindrance to customers. But if I saw this act, I would never be a customer. Reputation is a huge part of the business…” and another pointed out, “This would’ve been the day I would’ve went to jail.”

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