Great Concerns Amid Booming “Food for Guns” Trade Between Haiti and Jamaica

The Minister of National Security, Dr. Horace Chang, has brought to light a concerning issue involving a continuous trade arrangement between Haiti and Jamaica.

As a result of the ongoing instability in Haiti, a new barter system has developed. The system involves exchanging firearms from Haiti for food from Jamaica.

Dr. Chang has expressed his concerns about the potential risks this trade poses to Jamaica, as the acquired guns are being brought back into the country for illegal sales.

Reports from Nationwide Radio indicate that the government is actively working to enhance the capabilities of the nation’s coast guards to intercept these traders and curb the flow of firearms.

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Horace Change Coast Guards

The two nations have a history of engaging in illegal trade between criminals. In the past, there was a trade called the “Drugs for Guns trade.” Jamaicans would offer drugs, especially Ganja, to Haitians in exchange for firearms.


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Horace Chang Reveals

The minister suggested that tackling the root causes of illegal trading and weapon exchange will require joint efforts from Haiti and Jamaica to address this growing security concern.

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