How Popular Is Horse Racing Among Gen Z Generation?

Horse racing has a long-running history of being an entertainment sport, and throughout its lifespan, many generations changed. With the change of generations, there are always different points of view on the sport, which is why horse racing must evolve much further in order to be appealing to the younger generation.

When we talk about horse racing fans, we immediately think about middle-aged people watching races and placing wagers. But when it comes to the Gen-Z generation, it seems like they don’t have as much interest in horse racing compared to Millennials or Generation X.

In today’s article, we will take a look at how Gen-Z is consuming horse racing, and whether or not it is a popular sport for the younger generation.

Gen-Z and Horse Racing

Even though horse racing is growing as a sport in the past couple of years, this has nothing to do with the change of generations. Horse racing is accumulating more fans just because many regions where horse racing wasn’t available started to organize races and show interest in the sport.

However, this is not a good thing for horse racing in the long run. If horse racing wants to survive, the sport must go through big changes in order to make it more interesting for the younger audience.

Many studies, showed that Gen-Z is not that interested in horse racing. For example, a study done by  SoirtRxuv, in the UK which is a country where horse racing is very popular, showed poor results when it comes to attracting the attention of Gen-Z.

It seems like younger people have different views on horse racing and this survey suggests that the sport needs to change a few things.

First of all, Gen-Z answered the survey in a way that they’ve shown concerns about the ethical transparency of horse racing.

Additionally, they showed a lack of interest and were afraid of being judged by their friends if they show interest in horse racing. On top of that, they did not find horse racing to be an interesting sport that can be shared on their social media profiles.

But the biggest issue with horse racing and Gen-Z is the ethical part of the sport. Most of them consider it unethical, even though the riding part doesn’t hurt the animals. However, we’ve seen many cases where trainers used illegal substances that might be harmful to the horse just to get the most out of the animal.

So, in order to make the sport more interesting for Gen-Z’s, horse racing must evolve into a much more ethical sport.

How to Make Horse Racing More Interesting for Gen-Z


It is known that younger people have short attention spans, and experts believe that in order to make the sport more interesting for them, they need to give Gen-Z more action.

There are a couple of competitive races throughout the year, but not plenty enough action to get the attention of Gen-Z’s. So, creating new competitions in a shorter period might offer them plenty of action throughout the year. If you are looking for more important about racing and learning everything about it, you can click here:


Another area where horse racing can improve is by using more technology. Younger people tend to follow technology-based trends, which is why horse racing needs to evolve further and incorporate innovations that will change how people interact with the sport.

Fortunately, we see some changes that are made in the world of horse racing, such as introducing the first digital horse racing championship, where people can buy horses in form of NFTs and race them to earn money.


As of now, we don’t know much about what’s going on behind the scenes. The sport needs to be more transparent in terms of how they treat the animals, and the procedures used in their training.

That way younger people can regain their trust in horse racing and avoid seeing it as an unethical sport.

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