How Reuters’ Cynical Attempt to Broadcast A Piece of News Influenced an Innocent Civilian

Raphael Satter, Christopher Bing, and Jack Stubbs published an exclusive story in the Reuters news agency. The Print media got active after this exclusive report. This exclusive story revolves around a herbal business owner named Mr. Arvind Kumar. They portrayed Mr. Arvind Kumar, as a highly wanted hacker worldwide. According to their allegations, he is responsible for hacking multiple emails because runs a spy agency. His photograph and a brief report about him were publicly disclosed.

After confirming these allegations, The Print media person claimed to provide evidence and proof behind their claim, to which they replied that the Picture of Mr. Arvind Kumar was wholly a misidentification and claimed that some journalists have deliberately done that.


After this scenario, Raphael Satter, Jack Stubbs, and Christopher Bing, the senior journalists from the Reuters news agency, landed in India to collect the evidence and correct information and came with valuable information regarding a renowned Hacker Mr. Gupt. They also claimed that Raphael satter and his companions captured some photos of Mr. Arvind Kumar, and reported that he is leading the spying firm, Belltrox.

These three journalists sought out ground reality and found that Arvind Kumar, who was being addressed as a criminal, was an innocent man, and runs a small herbal medicine business. All allegations about him were rejected by Raphael satter and his companions when they reached Arvind’s building.

Reuters Journalist’s acceptance of allegations and Arvind’s life after their allegation:

Reuters journalists accepted their mistake and claimed that it was based on misidentification, and Mr. Arvind was an innocent man and also mentioned the reason behind this misidentification. They reported that M. Gupta and Mr. Arvind have the same addresses which made them confused. But this statement wasn’t correct.

Because internet searches and google maps showed that the spying firm and Arvind’s location were not the same. These three journalists did not visit the firm’s office to verify the address and identity. Rather than this, they captured a picture of a random person (Arvind Kumar) and identified him as a spying agent. He was not a mastermind behind all these spying groups and agencies and this affected his life a lot.

Arvind’s life was devastated after this incident because he was answerable to police investigations, court, and many other authorities. He lost his business and suffered harassment in society. He moved to another town after the closure of this case.

UPDATE by December 7th, 2022:

The updates are hereby known that the media and reporters took action when the allegations reported by them were rejected by themselves. Reuters journalists Raphael Satter and his companions misidentified Sumit Gupta as Mr. Arvind which destroyed Mr. Arvind’s life. As soon as we got reports about the real scenario behind the story, new channels, and The Print media at once corrected their mistake and changed the name Mr. Arvind to Sumit Gupta.

The good thing was that Raphel Satter and his companions accepted their mistake and reported it to the news channels and The Print media which at least rebuilt Mr. Arvind’s image in society. He was an innocent man, a small business runner, who suffered a lot because of a little negligence and misidentification of the journalists.

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