How to Effectively Care for Your Custom-Made Jewelry?

Wednesday, December 28, 2022, 10:44 PM

VJust having custom-made jewelry is not sufficient; proper maintenance is necessary. If the person takes care of their jewelry appropriately, then only the jewelry can be used for an extended period.

They need the proper care to use Custom Made Jewelry for an extended period. In addition, the person needs to be careful in some aspects to have durability in their jewelry pieces.


1.     Keep The Jewelry Dry

If the jewelry remains in contact with the water for an extended period, it will surely affect its life in the future. Therefore, to keep the form of the jewelry in good condition, a person can avoid some common things:

  • Try not to wear jewelry at the time of washing dishes and clothes. The detergent used in the cleaning contains chemicals that might damage the jewelry.
  • The pool’s water contains a high amount of salt that will prove to be a dangerous option for the jewelry. So the wearing of jewelry must be avoided in the pool.
  • Clean the jewelry pieces naturally rather than going for jewelry cleaners, as they will affect their natural beauty.
  • Even the use of perfumes or lotion is restricted on the jewelry as they react with the jewelry and have a harmful effect.

2.     When to Wear Jewelry

A person should also have an idea as to when to wear and take off the jewelry. It will prove to be a good option if the time is clear. Let’s have a look at the series that you can opt for:

  • First of all, you need to put on the clothes and then only wear any piece of jewelry to care for them.
  • When you get to engage in any of the activities, you need to be careful and remove all the forms of the jewelry that you wear.
  • First, apply all the lotions and the hairspray, and then only wear any piece of jewelry. But, of course, this will affect the look of the jewelry.

3.     Storing of the Jewelry

The person also needs to be careful in storing the jewelry so they can use them better. A person needs to be careful in storing the jewelry in a better way.

  • Store the jewelry in the box so that they can keep them in a good easy. The person can keep them in the silver or the velvet pouch to increase their life.
  • A person should keep the paper in anti-tarnish paper. It will increase the life of the jewelry.
  • If the jewelry comes in contact with the air, it can also be damaged. So the connection with the air needs to be avoided.

Keeping jewelry with care in all respects will only increase their future life. If the person is careful in keeping their jewelry, they will have a longer life.

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