How to Enjoy Essay Writing as a Hobby

Writing may not come easily or naturally to everyone. However, it is a skill that can be learned with dedication and practice. And although most might not turn out to become professional writers, writing is still a great habit and hobby because of the many benefits it provides. Also, when it comes to something like creative writing, going professional is seldom the goal.

Students can gain all the benefits of writing by indulging in essays. Essay writing involves all the juices of creative writing while also adding an element of professionalism. However, to take it up as a regular hobby would need some more diligence. In this article, we will take a closer look at how to enjoy essay writing as a hobby.


But before we jump in, students reading this should also know that taking help from online resources has become easier than ever. Writing essays as a hobby may not always be feasible, especially when a student has several tasks due. In such situations, students should always prioritize their academic tasks, which could be crucial for their grades and future.

However, when the going gets too tough, students can also hire some help from outside. For example, one can get a professional essay writer online from a top platform like Studyfy. Doing so not only stabilizes their grades and performance but also frees up some additional time for hobbies.

In no particular order, here are 11 ways to enjoy essay writing as a hobby.

  1. It’s a Great Outlet to Release Your Creativity

A hobby is all about generating and enabling one’s creative juices to flow seamlessly. People around the world are known to take up a variety of activities so that they can harness more from their minds. Writing enables people to boost their creativity by pushing them to dig deeper into their psyche. Also, writing enables one to organize their thoughts and, in turn, their creativity.

  1. Write About the Area or Field You’re Most Passionate About

It is true that one can quickly find it hard to do any kind of work they don’t like doing. However, writing, even as a profession, can transcend this. How? Well, writing can be undertaken even while one is engaged with something else entirely. Therefore, to enjoy writing essays, students should tap into everything they’re passionate about.

  1. Exercising Your Mind Can be Fun

Just like people need to exercise their bodies to stay active, they also need to do the same with their minds. The mind is a muscle, and the more it is trained, the better it will become. Essay writing is one of the best recipes for achieving good brain exercise. Selecting a nice topic, brainstorming, and writing can become an addictive practice.

  1. Use Your Inner Voice & Play to Your Writing Strengths

Those who argue that writing isn’t for everyone have missed the whole picture. What they are trying to say is that writing in what they believe to be writing is not for everyone. And this is true because everyone is unique and thinks and writes differently than the other. To enjoy essay writing, one should start by becoming aware of their ability and voice so one can write powerfully.

  1. Select Exciting & Fun Topics

Some students might face difficulties navigating through their domains despite being sure of having an interest in them. This is normal. To write deeply and thoroughly about one’s area or field requires a certain level of dedication and perseverance. This can come from researching and staying updated with one’s field of interest. And very soon, enough topics to write on will come out naturally.

Credit: Yannick Pulver
  1. Writing is a Form of Meditation

Today, it’s a trend for people from various walks of life to pick up some healthy activities as hobbies. Out of the many popular ones, meditation and yoga rank high. But little do people know that meditation can occur in various forms. One of the best ways to reach meditative states is by getting into a flow state – which can be achieved through focused writing.

  1. Manage Your Time & Create a Writing Schedule

One of the best ways of enjoying one’s hobby is by managing one’s time and work schedule better. Essay writing, or writing in general, is a skill that needs time to be worked on. When students approach essay writing with peace and time on their hands, they are sure to enjoy it more and do better at it.

  1. Find Your Place of Comfort Before Getting Started

Writing good content can be dependent on a lot of factors. For example, some students find that they write a lot better from the comforts of their homes as compared to from their places of study. Writing also requires a distraction-free environment so one’s thoughts can flow from mind to paper. Thus, students should take steps to practice essay writing as a hobby from comfortable spots.

  1. Write as Much as You Can When You’re in a Good Mood

One enjoys any kind of activity more when they are doing it in a good and happy mood. This principle also applies to essay writing or any other type of writing. One will surely enjoy their writing when in a better mood, and this can help them adopt it as a hobby.

  1. Find More Inspiration by Exploring Your Favorite Writing Style(s)

Essay writing can be undertaken for personal, professional, or academic reasons. Either way, in this domain, students can explore various ideas, thoughts, and concepts within them. But to write them all, students would also have to explore different essay writing formats and styles. And when it comes to writing, one tends to find more inspiration when there’s more variety!

  1. Write More!

Human beings go through several phases and transitions during their lifetime. When it comes to productivity, one may be able to deliver more or less depending on the mood or zone they’re in. However, to excel at anything or to make something a part of one’s usual routine, they have to practice a lot more consistently.

The Bottom Line

The above points should enable students to dig into the art and science of essay writing. By following the steps, they would also be able to prioritize and include essay writing in their schedules. Beyond this, students are advised to also be up to date with the current essay writing requirements. 

Especially if they’re looking to also publish or submit their essays. Students can also seek additional help from online sources to edit, fine-tune, or even get their essays written for them.


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