How to Grow a Twitter Page: Paid Poll Votes and More

Twitter is a truly excellent platform for influencers of any niche. There are a lot of opportunities for growth here, many doors are open for you, even if you’ve never blogged before and have not created your own niche pages on the Internet. However, creating a blog is just the beginning of your path to success. To get ahead in the competitive race, you’ll have to sweat a little and choose the best promotion tools for your blog.

There are so many promo strategies that you won’t even be able to try them all at once. In addition, not all of them are really effective and will help build up a large base of loyal followers. That’s why we have created a short guide for novice travel influencers. To begin with, you can rely entirely on them, and after a while add something new – it will come with experience. Read on to learn more promo secrets on TWT!

  1. Investing in an account

Gradually investing money in your profile is the best thing you can do to get started. Some newcomers are afraid to spend the marketing budget like fire and think that these expenses are unjustified. There is little truth in this. In fact, if you act decisively and don’t be afraid to try various boosters to improve page statistics, it will be much easier for you to grow here. 

One of the best incentives for quick and easy improvement of engagement and reach is the purchase of poll votes: . Polls itself is a powerful promo tool that allows users to create interesting content, collect information about their target subscribers or demonstrate the result you need. But they won’t be effective if people don’t interact with them. That’s why you need the support of third-party companies in the absence of activity. They’ll help improve statistics and make your posts more visible to users who don’t know about you yet.  

You, as a travel blogger, can be creative and collect information about where users most often go or what kind of guide they would like to receive from you. This will help to form a kind of portrait of the audience and give the target audience what they want. Perfect!

  1. Use niche hashtags

TWT hashtags are almost the most important thing you should know about. Everything here is ranked through keywords, using tags people find the content they’re interested in and certain authors. Generally speaking, hashtags are an opportunity to demonstrate your account to a large number of users. As an example: if you published a tutorial on preparing for a tour and added a relevant hashtag, it is likely that this message will bring a lot of impressions, likes, retweets and comments.

We don’t recommend using VERY popular tags at the initial stage, otherwise your messages may be invisible in the general feed. Choose something in between – not very popular and not very “quiet”, then you’ll see the result.

  1. Connect with other travelers influencers 

Collaborations allow blog authors to improve visibility in the community and get double the attention of the audience. By the way, by communicating with like-minded people and other popular creators, you can get valuable information from them on forming a fan base and improving your account. 

Find one or more bloggers you would like to collaborate with and tell them how you see creating collaborative content. Offer different formats of tweets and be creative, then everything will be fine. Good luck!

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