Huge Funeral For Kemesha Wright and Her 4 Children – Watch Video

Kemesha Wright and her 4 children will be laid to rest following a funeral service that takes place inside the Stuart Hall auditorium at Clarendon College, where five hearses arrived today, carrying the Clarendon massacre victims.

Scores of mourners arrived at Clarendon College for the heartbreaking service to bid goodbye to 31-year-old Kemesha Wright and her children: 15-year-old Kimana Smith, 11-year-old Shara-Lee Smith, 5-year-old Rafaella Smith and her months old baby Kishawn Henry JR.


The gruesome murder of the family in their home in New Road Coca Piece district, Clarendon in June rocked the nation and hundreds of supporters came out Friday night to attend the wake in Turner’s district in the parish. Member of Parliament for Clarendon North Central, Robert Morgan was also in attendance on Friday.

The preparations of the funeral could be spotted miles away as the road leading to the cemetery was freshly paved by the government, making good on its promise to assist in the funeral expenses.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, and other government officials attended the funeral service.

According to The Gleaner, PM Holness arrived at the funeral during a tribute by Beulah All-Age and Infant School. During the tribute, the students marched in to place roses on the casket of their classmate Rafaella Smith as Gramps Morgan’s People Like You played throughout the auditorium.

PM Holness greeted Kemesha Wright’s mother, Gwendolyn McKnight and took his place on the stage where the cabinet ministers Audley Shaw, Olivia Grange and Fayval Williams were seated.

Gwendolyn Mcknight rose to the stage and sang from her heart for her daughter and her grandchildren that “they are somewhere around the throne of God”.

Watch videos from the funeral below.

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