Husband Searches Wife’s Handbag and Finds 2 Panties, Rag and Soap

Thursday, October 19, 2023, 3:05 PM

A man is contemplating leaving his wife after discovering that she has a secret boyfriend, whom she has been going to motels with using their money. The revelation about his wife’s affair was made after he hired someone to keep an eye on her while he was at work.



The man, who has been married for ten years, disclosed his marital problems in a letter that began with a backstory about his relationship. According to the letter, this was his wife’s second marriage, as her first marriage ended when her husband left her with two children. The writer and the woman created a blended family, and one of those children revealed shocking news about their mother.

The distressed husband shared that he noticed his wife behaving suspiciously, but she would not admit to anything. Her son, however, revealed that she had a boyfriend, who she told her husband he was an idiot and made plans to meet him during a phone call.

As the letter to Dear Pastor continued, he detailed that his unemployed wife withdrew $10,000 from his account, which he had put her name on, and claimed it was to do a test when he questioned her about it. When he gave her the money to put back into the account, she never did, which led him to hire someone to watch his wife.

“I employed a private eye to watch her. He told me that on a particular day, as soon as I drove out and the children were gone to school, a man picked her up and they did not come back until late in the afternoon,” he wrote.

The man said he subsequently did something he never did before: search his wife’s handbag. His investigation led him to find two panties, a rag, and soap.


After confiding in his sister about his discoveries, he confronted his wife, who initially lied that she loaned a friend the money until he confronted her about the man she met. She did not deny having a boyfriend who was younger than him. The missing money was also revealed to have been used for a motel.

The man shared that he has been sleeping on the couch for two months and is considering leaving his wife in the Kingston home she acquired from her family to build his own home in Trelawny.

“I have not eaten anything from her, because she is deadly and she may poison me,” he said.
The letter concluded with him expressing that he did not wish to fix things with his wife; he only wanted to leave her with her boyfriend.


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