I-Octane Allegedly Agreed To Help A Criminal Escape Jamaica

I-Octane’s name was called again in the Clansman-One Don Gang Trial Tuesday on allegations of him promising a gangster he would help him to flee the country.

During the trial, a witness testified that the dancehall artiste said he would make arrangements so that the gangster could travel outside of Jamaica as a part of I-Octane’s touring entourage. A telephone conversation with Fabian ‘Crocs’ Johnson, revealed this information and it was secretly recorded by an ex-gangster.


“link all di bwoy Octane pon di ting, him ah tell mi bout 250. Come in like a joke ting,” Crocs said in the recording.

Following his statement, the ex-gangster questioned if the artiste was either selling him something worth $250,000 or giving him that money.

Crocs clarified saying, “No pan my ting man, pan book ting yuh zeet.”

The ex-gangster further explained that before the recorded call, he was in a conversation with both Crocs and I-Octane when Crocs asked the entertainer to help him leave Jamaica. In response to Crocs asking for help, the witness claimed I-Octane said, “A easy ting dat, him can get a visa mek him come on tour but him responsible for himself.”

Before making these allegations about I-Octane, the same prosecution witness had mentioned his name once already. The first time the witness spoke about I-Octane, was when he testified that Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, the reputed leader, and other members of his gang had visited I-Octane’s studio to record music with him.

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