I-Octane Continues His Lyrical Assualt On Khago With New ‘Ruphago’ Diss Track

As the lyrical clash intensifies between dancehall entertainers I-Octane and Khago, that has been receiving mixed reviews from bloggers, in its latest instalment, dancehall artiste I-octane has released his follow-up to Khago’s Personal diss track, a hard-hitting song entitled Ruphago.

At the start of the track, I-Octane uses Khago’s Lyrics from one of his vlogs as a public announcement to disrespect him, where the Nah Sell Out Mi Frend deejay said, “wah woman link me, Khago boy ray ray, remember seh a woman bring you come yah, woman bring who the fvck come yah a two-man bring mi come yah.”

To which I-Octane responded by deejaying, ”mi have a mother and a father, yuh nuh seem to have two dog, put boy inna bag, Portmore bad we bad.”

If that line was not enough to leave Khago in a compromised position, the Lose A Friend singer used another of his vlogs to highlight his contradicting musical stance of being ‘straight’. “Mi life dent up, mi life dent up every other night me ago mek waa other man dent me,” Khago could be heard saying at the start of the song.

I- Octane also defended dancehall artiste Rygin Kyng who Khago dissed in one of his previous diss songs,” this bad mind pussy weh a fight against Rygin, tru you caa tame him, tru you caa ride him, pussy mek me talk bout the secret you hiding, you have a next man name pon yuh filing.”

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The diss track is bound to spark a flurry of controversy and leave dancehall fans guessing what is true from what is not. I-Octane also used the opportunity to address his highly publicized relationship between his baby’s mother, Amber and the child he had with the radio show host.

the hard-hitting song below:

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