Ikaya and Producer Ajal Drop “Insecure” Single

Dancehall artiste IKaya teamed up with producer Ajal to drop a new single titled, ‘Insecure.’ The lyric video, released hours ago, tackles issues such as overcoming insecurities and being contented with one’s life despite the achievements of others.

“Ajal how mi fi hate pan a gal weh insecure? Some gal soul empty, woulda do anything fi wear Fendi,” the intro of the song says.

As the track continues, Ikaya highlights the extent to how far females in society go to live above their means for the hype and social media. But for the artiste, she let it be known that she is an independent woman and won’t stoop to those levels.

“How mi fi envy gal weh use dem hole fi go trending. Don’t badmind no gal weh yuh si a fly. Some things weh me hear some gal a try,” Ikaya sings.

The song is now available on all major streaming platforms. Watch and listen to the lyric video for ‘Insecure’ below:

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