INDECOM Act Seemingly Imminent To Force A Statement From Constable Smith About Donna-Lee’s Disappearance

It has now been a week since the last time the missing woman, Donna-Lee Donaldson, Social Media Influencer and 876 Roommates former host, was last seen at her boyfriend’s home in New Kingston.

Information gathered states that Donna-Lee was last with her Boyfriend, Noel Maitland, police officer, and popular music producer when an argument erupted between Donaldson and another woman believed to be Maitland’s baby mother, Police Constable, Ms. ‘Cathy’ Smith.

Reports were that during the day of her disappearance, Tuesday, July 12, 2022, neighbours heard an argument inside the apartment, scuffling and the sound of glass breaking. Maitland is now regarded as a key part of the investigation given his relation to Donaldson and his presence during the time when she was last seen.

As reported by The Gleaner on July 19, Maitland has given a statement to the police but Smith refuses to do so, thus, Peter Champagnie, a well know criminal attorney, mentioned that the police might have to implement the INDECOM Act (Independent Commission of Investigations) to force her to speak.

A conference was hosted by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) on Monday, July 18, where Fitz Bailey, Deputy Commissioner of Police, established that Smith was approached for a statement that she refused to give. He followed up by stating, without being specific, that the police would deal with the act of refusal at a future date, reiterating that the investigation is ongoing, and certain methods might be employed.

Champagnie stated that the methods will likely be employed as some special officers and soldiers have the authority to handle situations such as this.

In a Gleaner interview featuring The Queen’s Counsel, it was disclosed that when the INDECOM Act is implemented against a member of the JCF to give a statement, any refusal will be met with the possibility of a charge against the officer.

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