Internet Users Respond to Shenseea Drinking ‘Slimy’ Cactus Water – Watch Video

A video of Shenseea drinking cactus water has gone viral, sparking conversations online. In the video, which started circulating on April 25, the Dancehall artiste is sitting in a car with a bottle of cactus water, demonstrating her routine, which appealed to most viewers as provocative.

At the beginning of the video, Shenseea states that she usually drinks the prickly pear cactus, which she notes has a slimy consistency. “Look, it’s slimy,” she said before tilting her head and allowing the slimy cactus water to slide inside her mouth. She smiles while groaning upon stopping, and the video concludes.


Watch the video of Shenseea below:

The video was reshared by Instagram accounts, including Tropix and Questime, and has racked up thousands of likes and mixed responses.

While many comments were suggestive, some Instagram users expressed negative opinions about the video.

One viewer commented, “Lmfao this was the same women that said she has to watch what she puts on the internet because of her son.”

Another viewer said, “Can tell she doesn’t spit.”

A third IG user wrote, “Shen u a do too much big woman thing muma.”

Read more of the comments below:

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