Isat Buchanan Says he’s Truly Sorry to Paula Llewellyn: Mixed Reviews by The Public

In the wake of the offensive remarks uttered by Isat Buchanan on a popular Youtube show, where he quoted lyrics from incarcerated Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel’s song, Menace to Society, and directed them towards the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Paula Llewellyn, he has issued a statement of apology.

The apology, dated August 1, 2023, expressed remorse for his actions. Buchanan acknowledged that while he values free speech, he now recognises the importance of upholding public civility and mutual respect in societal interactions.

He admitted that his comments and the use of the song reference were regrettable, and he unreservedly apologised for them.

In particular, he conveyed deep regret to the senior public prosecutor, Ms Paula Llewellyn, emphasising the sincerity of his apology.

See a photo of Paula Llewellyn below:

(DPP) Paula Llewelyn

Buchanan highlighted that advocating for freedom of speech and expression should not overshadow the significance of maintaining exemplary decorum in public discourse.

He concluded the letter with the phrase, “One love, Isat,” signifying his earnest desire for reconciliation and understanding.

See a photo of the statement of apology below:

Isat Buchanan Apology


Buchanan’s official apology represents a step towards rectifying the harm caused by his offensive remarks. However, there have been mixed remarks by the public on social media.

Some stated that the apology is a step in the right direction, as any human being can err. Additionally, some claimed that Isat proved he is a man of integrity by taking full responsibility for his actions.

See some of the comments below:

Isat Buchanan comments

On the other hand, many believed the apology was not sincere and was too late in coming. Some highlighted that Isat Buchanan had a track record of sending insults at the DPP and was pressured into apologising.

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Isat Buchanan Comments

The embattled lawyer had previously resigned as the Chairman of the People’s National Party (PNP) Human Rights Commission.

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