Isat Buchanan Says “Vybz Kartel is a national treasure!”: Details Issues in the Trial Following Final Appeal in UK – Watch Video

After arguing his client’s case in front of the Privy Council, attorney Isat Buchanan further detailed the issues with Vybz Kartel’s trial during a live stream.

The final appeal for the overturning of the murder convictions of Kartel and his co-appellants Kahira Jones, Andre St. John, and Shawn Campbell commenced on February 14 and concluded on February 15.

Following arguments made by the appellant’s defence teams and the prosecution, the Privy Council adjourned on Thursday, and it is expected that the ruling will be issued in the next few months.

During his live stream, Buchanan reiterated the issues he presented during the appeal. Buchanan expressed that he is very passionate about human rights and highlighted the Jamaican Constitution and the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

While he expressed his love for and confidence in the Constitution, Buchanan seemingly suggested that there were individuals who had attempted to pervert the course of justice and thwart Kartel’s appeal. He further suggested that he was targeted to stop the appeal, which would have thrust Jamaica’s justice system into the limelight.

“The justice system in Jamaica would have been thrust in the spotlight, and rightly so, by guess who, Vybs Kartel himself. So it is no wonder that there was a push to ensure that the load mout rasta boy don’t get an opportunity, and so the elite class did what they had to do,” Buchanan stated.

Isat Buchanan

The attorney went on to discuss in detail the factors of the case and the components of the justice system. Buchanan described the collection of evidence by the police during the trial as a breach of the Interception of Communications Act.

In addition to the issues with the legality of evidence collection, Buchanan also outlined the problems that arose during the trial with members of the jury. He first noted the juror who had been dismissed because Kartel allegedly approached her son while they were incarcerated at the same facility.

He went on to discuss the tainting of the jury amid the attempted bribery claim that was presented to the judge. Buchanan also questioned the competence of the jury and their ability to make a fair decision based on the evidence that was presented during their short deliberation.

“You can’t even use a cellphone, but [ … ] you ready to find people guilty in less than two hour after a 65 trial [ … ] After 65 days of trial, you get a bunch of [ … ] uneducated people, put dem in a room,” Buchanan stated.

The attorney went on to detail his description of the jury.

“And uneducated in the sense that they are not forensic exports [ … ] and so they need a lot more instructions to understand what they are supposed to do. Compound that with a situation where there is bribery.”

Buchanan also stated that “Vybz Kartel is a national treasure,” while highlighting the importance of Usain Bold and Bob Marley to Jamaica.

Watch the video below.

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