Isat Buchanan Seemingly Makes Fun of Sir P Following Appeal Win – Watch Video

Following the overturning of his client Vybz Kartel’s murder conviction, attorney Isat Buchanan seemingly took a shot at YouTuber and Kartel critic Sir P.

Sir P, who runs the popular Politricks Watch YouTube channel, has spoken critically about Kartel and his murder conviction on multiple occasions. Before the United Kingdom Privy Council ruled in favour of Kartel and his co-appellants on Thursday, Sir P was adamant that they would remain imprisoned because of the strength of the evidence.

With Kartel no longer a convicted murderer, Buchanan took to social media to express jubilation and speak about what winning the appeal means for his client. During a live stream, Buchanan emphasised that Kartel is no longer a convict.

The lawyer also noted that all the intellects and YouTubers who made a life around Kartel and his co-accused as convicts can no longer do so. 

“They’re no longer convicts, so all that media hype, all those intellects, and all those YouTubers who would have made a life about calling people convicts and using these things to belittle them cannot refer to them as that anymore,” Buchanan stated.

Buchanan went on to joke that they were free to use him as their beating stick. He then seemingly mocked Sir P as he lowered his voice to imitate the vlogger’s manipulated voice that he uses to hide his identity.

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