Ishawna Lashes Out At Critics After Wearing Bathing Suit for a Performance “Come Nyam Mi Dung Like CHi CHi!”

Tuesday, May 28, 2024, 7:06 PM

Ishawna hit back at critics on Tuesday after the Dancehall artiste drew criticism for a jaw-dropping ensemble that saw the singer donning a revealing bathing suit for a performance.

The provocative entertainer is no stranger to stirring up conversations with her music or her wardrobe. She has garnered both praise and backlash for her songs, such as Equal Rights and risqué outfit choices, like her ‘porn star’ costume for a performance in Negril last year.


On May 26, Ishawna performed at the Sashi Beach Experience and shared her performance outfit on her Instagram page on Monday. The outfit, which consisted of a plunging neckline and cutouts, drew a number of positive comments.

However, some viewers criticised her for being scantily dressed.

“Young lady, where’s the rest of your clothes?” one viewer asked.

Although some fans were eager to come to the defence of the Brace It singer, she spoke out in her own defence earlier today. Taking to her Instagram Stories, Ishawna shared a quote that expressed that if the things that she shares make anyone uncomfortable, it is a positive as it messes with the status quo.

She also questioned what she should have worn to the beach event as she lashed out at her critics.

“To the ppl mad at me for wearing a Bathing Suit & Cover Up. I was performing at a BEACH event! What was I to wear? Unu come labba juice mi,” Ishawna wrote.

The artiste went on to state, “Idgaf about unu opinions! Come nyam mi dung like Chi Chi!!! [ … ] One thing dem aguh do a tek set pon mi! Mi neva kno say mi sing wid Grace Thrillers?”

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