Footage Shows Israeli Soldiers Dressed as Hospital Staff, and Muslim Women Raiding Hospital Before Killing 3 Terrorists – Graphic Images

Tuesday, January 30, 2024, 4:44 PM GMT-5

Footage taken from the West Bank Ibn Sina hospital captured the moments a group of undercover Israeli soldiers dressed as staff, civilians, and Muslim women raided the medical facility before killing three terrorists.

Following the raid, the Israeli military said that the three men, 27-year-old Mohammed Jalamneh and brothers Basel and Mohammed Ghazawi, were using the hospital as a hideout. Hospital officials shared that the soldiers raided the facility at approximately 5:30 a.m. local time and made their way to the third floor to find their targets.

 Mohammed Jalamneh and brothers Basel and Mohammed Ghazawi. 
Image – The New York Post

In footage taken from the scene, approximately 12 men can be seen storming into the hospital’s hallway. Some of the soldiers were disguised as hospital staff, donning scrubs and a white doctor’s coat, while others wore headscarves and women’s clothing.

In addition to the components of their disguise, such as handbags, a wheelchair, and medical bags, the soldiers were heavily armed and carried assault rifles. The hospital’s medical director, Niji Nazzal, said that the three targets received fatal gunshot wounds to the head.

Image – AFP via Getty Images

Following the raid, the Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas confirmed that Jalamneh was a member of the group, while another group, Islamic Jihad, confirmed the Ghazawi brothers as members.

Watch the video below.

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