Ivany Baby, Ice’s 5 Months Old Celebration and More – Watch Video

Sunday, May 26, 2024, 3:32 PM

Baby Ice, the son of social media personality Ivany Wright, celebrated being 5 months old with his babysitter Nats FlyQueen, who shared a video online. The video was posted around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, showing the infant sitting in front of a candle-lit cake with balloons near him.

The video of the infant was reshared on one of Ivany’s pages, where she wrote “Happy 5 months Handsome!! Mommy love you.” The video has been receiving a wave of support, with fans sending well wishes and complimenting his appearance.


Ivany Wright has not seen her son for over a month, the longest they have ever been separated. She was detained on April 4th, 2024 and she remains in the Henry County Jail. She faces four charges, including Terroristic Threats and Acts, and Harassing Communications. 

Watch the video of Ice below:

Notably, Ice resembles his father, Howie who allegedly contacted Child Protective Services prior to Ivany’s arrest. Ivany and Howie had a tumultuous relationship that included arguments on social media and seemingly went further off the media.

According to circulating information, Ivany was preventing Howie from visiting the baby for a period of time. It is not clear how long she kept the baby away from him, but a video shows him finally allowed to spend time with his son at one point. 

TikToker @prettyneatcreative1 noted that Ivany did not allow Howie to come to her house to see the baby because she did not want him to frame her so that CPS could take the baby.

Ivany and Howie Welcome Adorable Christmas Baby - See Pics
Ivany Wright, baby Ice and Howie

Additionally, TikTokers have indicated that Howie, who was at the hospital around the time of Ice’s birth in late December 2023, was not added to the child’s birth certificate as his father. Ice was initially named Ivontae Zaire Johnson, but his name was later changed.

TikToker @prettyneatcreative1 said that Howie does not truly want the baby, adding that he did not support the baby financially at all.

The baby, according to Nats FlyQueen, remains healthy and gets his routine check-up at the doctor’s. Nats, while expressing her gratitude to fans who have been donating and supporting Ivany, also expressed that it is not easy on her, but she has a team working with her. 

Additionally, fans were urged to keep sending prayers for Ivany.

Watch some interesting videos about Ivany, Howie and Ice below:

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