Ivany Speaks Out from Jail in Released Phone Call Conversation – Listen

Jamaican social media personality Ivany Wright is crying out for help following her arrest in the United States. Ivany has been in custody since April 4 and released audio recordings of her speaking have revealed the dire situation she is facing.

The recordings were shared with the public by ‘spiritual reader’ RT Boss, whom Ivany is seeking assistance from after others have seemingly failed to help her. In the voice note, Ivany can be heard speaking sadly, detailing that she has not had the opportunity to bathe for three days since being in custody.


RT Boss stated that she is under maximum lockdown due to two counts of Terrorist Threats and Acts. She also faces charges of Harassing Communications and Criminal Damage to Property-2nd Degree Damage Greater Than $500.

Ivanys Mugshot Surfaces

Additionally, it was revealed that she does not know the whereabouts of her baby. RT Boss indicated that the baby was left in someone’s care, but Ivany is unaware of the baby’s current location.

Notably, RT Boss also shared that Ivany’s ex-boyfriend, Howie, is filing for custody of the baby.

Ivany and Howie Welcome Adorable Christmas Baby - See Pics
Ivany, Howie, and the Baby

“Ivany is crying. She go (to the police) wid the intention just to go check harself in, and bond harself back out and fi go pick up back di baby,” he said. Additionally, it was revealed that the attorney who was supposed to represent Ivany had abandoned her due to the publicity surrounding Ivany’s case.

Furthermore, in the voice notes, Ivany expressed that she would prefer the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to take her away rather than remain at the Henry County Jail.

“If ICE come fi mi, mi nuh mind…if ICE come fi mi, ICE just come fi mi so mi can move from right a dah prison here,” she said. She also revealed that a female is pushing the charges against her.

Watch the video of RT Boss revealing the voice notes below:

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