Jada Kingdom Drops ‘GPP’ Music Video

Monday, August 8, 2022, 9:36 PM

Three days after releasing the audio for GPP, Jada Kingdom has treated her K Mob fans with the official music video for the song that details the problems in her love life.

In the 3:21 second long vintage video, Jada appears on the television as the gipsy ‘Twinkle’ with oracle cards and an orb while she sings about her “good p*ssy problems”.


The video transitions to her dancing and continues to cut to other women who are making calls to her television programme for advice on similar situations.

In verse 2, she sings more about her mistakes, one of which is having drunk sex with a guy who now won’t leave her alone. The video transitions from within her orb to Di Genius, who is a painter in the video. While he is painting a rose, Jada poses in what looks like a red silk dress and continues to sing:

“No, no, no, no, me never plan fi this, god know me always just a mind my damn business, and mi nuh feel bad fi nuh respond. Usually mi nuh give a fuck, but mi gi him one, anuh me dat, Now him look idiot, oh God.”

Jada’s GPP is produced by Di Genius and the music video is directed by Kalani Kelly.

Watch Jada Kingdom GPP official music video below.

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