Jada Kingdom Posts Teaser Clips for Remix of “Real Life” by Taddi – Watch Videos

A week ago, Jada Kingdom made a post on TikTok with herself singing along to the soundtrack for Real Life by Taddi Watson. The caption for the post stated, “bout to remix this song caz why tf not!?” When the video was uploaded, her fans went crazy in the comment section asking for the song to be dropped immediately because the remix would be fire.

The original song was released to Taddi’s YouTube account on Sep 16, 2022 and currently boasts 12,484 views. As a fairly new female dancehall artiste, Taddi has 1.35K subscribers on the platform. The song is centered around female badness and has lyrics like, “innah mi place, back pan e grung, if you don’t like me den talk to mi gun. Mi nuh friendly and mi nuh groupie, have a couple shootie, gun gal deh yah fi di duty.”

Listen to the song Real Life below:

Almost a day ago, Jada posted a clip with a part of her verse on the Real Life remix to her TikTok account and has been uploading multiple posts with the same song snippet to her account. The teaser declares, “dah gal deh issa cacky happy b*tch! Nuh make yuh mouth slip, mi use di glock buss yuh lip! Look aroun, weh yuh si? yu wil dead ina dis! A which wasteman a fool yuh, yu is nobody.” She goes on to sing, “from yuh si mi walk een, betta liff. Brain too chip, try yuh luck and si.”

Once again, her fans called for the song to be released at the shortest notice. Brie said, “EVERY REMIX not a single miss!,” while Amoya stated, “JADAAAAAAA DOH MEK MI ALL YUH NAME AGAIN DROPP DII SONG DEM MUMMAA.”

See more comments below:

Watch the teaser videos below:

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