Jada Kingdom Samples Sizzla in New Unreleased Song

Jada Kingdom has been releasing a string of songs, whether collaborations or singles, after getting back in the groove of music. She may be gearing up for her album release Twinkle, which she stated earlier would be coming this year.

In her most recent creative endeavours, the ‘E-Syde Queen’ sampled a part of one of Jamaica’s most well-known Reggae/Dancehall Vetaran’s song, Sizzla Kalonji. The song that was used was from a 2002 release entitled “Just One Of Those Days.”

Jada’s song began with the distant vocals of Sizzla singing “One of those days, just one of those days,” which was then added to by Jada’s more sweeter tones in singing the same line.

Afterwards, the Budum entertainer launched into the song which seems to be another nod to Sizzla as it was named “Those Days.” The post was captioned “#ThoseDays up next. #Jadakingdom #Twinkle.”

The lyrics of the song that highlights a life of struggles state, “Mi unda pressure massa, must be di curse of a first born daughter. Dog nyam mi suppa…”

Watch the video below:


The relatable song struck a chord with those in her TikTok comment section where the video was posted and her fans became excited for the release of the song. Someone mentioned, “Jada’s era 💯🥰 Hits afta hits babe 🔥🔥🔥,” and another stated, “as a first born daughter who feels it knows it 🥺💯.”

Read a few more comments below:


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