Jada Returns with More Eye Catching Pictures and Video

Apart from being known for her vocal skills, Jada Kingdom is known for her curvacious body and big butt, which always draws a lot of attention. The Budum singer always shows off her shape in revealing or skin-tight outfits, and her latest content shows her doing exactly that.

Jada went out to grab a meal in a colourful see-through dress that clung to her upper body and butt like a second skin.

She rocked a pixie hairstyle and wore a pair of sunglasses with small floral jewellery except for the dazzling watch on her hand. Of course, Muma Heavy had to grace fans with a full view of how her butt looked in the attire.

One photo shared on her Instagram Stories showed a rare view of her walking with an umbrella on the street. She also gave fans a glance at her meal and more photos of her posing for the camera.



Watch the video of Jada showing her meal below:



A video of her dancing was also posted, showing Jada whining and putting her butt in the camera.

Watch the video of Jada dancing below:

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