Jahshii and Brysco Fight on Stage at Ghetto Splash – Watch Video

Wednesday, December 21, 2022, 11:14 AM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Jahshii delivered an interactive set to the audience at Tuesday’s staging of Ghetto Splash, but the artiste’s performance was abruptly interrupted by Brysco, who stormed the stage. 

Ghetto Splash, one of Jamaica’s largest admission-free events, returned to the Waterhouse Mini Stadium in Drewsland, St Andrew, yesterday, featuring several dancehall newcomers. Jahshii, a rising dancehall artiste, enthralled the audience with performances of several of his singles, including Born Fighter and 25/8.


During a song change, Brysco ran onto the stage and refused to leave, despite Jahshii telling him to leave. A man, seemingly a member of Jahshii’s entourage, attempted to remove Brysco from the stage, and it was at this point that a physical altercation erupted between the two. Jahshii got between both men as he tried to neutralise the situation, but security quickly pulled him away and removed Brysco from the stage.

After security cleared the stage, Jahshii recommenced his performance. 

“That’s Brysco, that’s evil […] yuh know how me know dem nuh bad? Bad man nuh push badness. Yuh know weh bad man tell dem,” Jahshii stated and then performed his song Shift Change

Jahshii went on to address Brysco, stating, “Brysco yuh fawod from way a Montego Bay. Yuh fawod pan the stage because yuh tink di people dem know yuh […] but me ago tell yuh something again bro.” The artiste then chose the single Gvnman Town to express his feelings towards Brysco.

Watch the video below.

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