Jamaica Ranked Last on List of Caribbean Countries That Consume Large Amounts of Alcohol

According to a list drafted from a survey of global alcohol consumption among the world’s countries, Jamaica ranks at the bottom of the list among fellow Caribbean countries for pure alcohol consumption (in litres) per capita for adults 15 years old and older.

WHO has conducted and published this survey five times starting in 1999 using data from 1996. The second survey in 2004 used data from 2003, the 2011 and 2014 surveys used data from 2010 and the final survey in 2018 used data from 2016.

Wayne Chen, CEO of Super Plus Food Stores and younger brother of billionaire Michael Lee-Chen posted the list to Twitter. The list shows that the highest-ranking Caribbean country is Saint Lucia with a 9.9-litre consumption rate per person, while Jamaica slots last with a rate of 4.2-litre per individual.

Close behind Saint Lucia are Barbados, Saint Kitts & Nevis, and Grenada with a consumption rate of 9.6-litre, 9.4-litre, and 9.3-litre respectively. Ranking closer to Jamaica from the list of 16 countries provided is Haiti with a 5.8-litre consumption rate, Suriname with 5.1-litre, and The Bahamas with 4.4-litre.

See the full list below:

After reviewing the post, Jamaican residents had a range of responses. While some knew not to be surprised by the survey, others were, and Shawn Wenzel wrote, “Interesting, I would have thought differently.”

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