Jamaica Su in Ghana – Video

In accordance with the motto “Out of Many, One People,” Jamaica’s people and its culture is a mixture of various cultures, races, and ethnicities who have come together to create a thriving society. With its roots stretching far and wide, it is no wonder that Jamaica has also influenced other countries; namely Ghana. 

According to YouTuber Wode Maya, who shares multiple videos about Jamaican and Ghanaian cultures (along with other Caribbean countries) there is a place in Ghana called Jamaica Su. He stated that many Ghanaian people might also not know that this place exists. 


Maya spoke to a gentleman who told him that the name came about when the early settlers from Jamaica made the area their home, “Evidently this is where they all moved to settle.” It was also mentioned that for a period of time, Rita Marley, Bob Marley’s wife, also settled in the area. 

“Bob Marley’s wife, Rita Marley, she…lived right up there somewhere, you know, when she was in Ghana…she set up a whole studio here…”

When describing the features of Jamaica Su that are similar to Jamaica, it was said that the greenery, trees and the hilly areas were all similar, “This place…everything that you see is just like Jamaica.”

The Accompong Village of Maroon Town in Jamaica was also compared to a somewhere with a similar name in Ghana to highlight the many similarities between the two countries. 

Watch the video below:

Just like Ghana, other countries also have places called Jamaica, such as in the United States that has the Jamaica Bay Village (a mobile home park in Lee County, Florida) and Jamaica, a neighbourhood in Queens, New York.

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