Jamaican Bank Notes Form a Rainbow by Design or Coincidence?

Even before it was released to the public, the new design of the Jamaican paper notes sparked a lot of controversy and displeasure among countless Jamaican citizens. Last week was the official dissemination of the newly designed bank notes to the public, and complaints are growing even more.

Following the release, multiple videos of retailers, machines etc refusing to take the new notes circulated on various social media platforms.

The latest controversy surrounding the notes involves a picture that is currently making rounds on social media displaying a rainbow flag claimed by the (LGBTQ+) group beside all of the newly designed banknotes.

As seen in the image, when the notes are listed together a rainbow is formed with the colours of the controversial flag.

The picture was shared via Instagram by kingmixup with the following caption, “I Don’t Think It’s That’s Serious.” However, a lot of the commenters under the post did not totally agree with that caption.

One commenter wrote, “Jamaica is a testing ground for everything… which country in the world money, have two persons on it facing each other…..”

Another comment by yardiesapparel outlined, “Nothing is by accident.”

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yokie_bless also replied by stating, “Trust it mite not be ntn but can also definitely have a whole motive behind it and if it do I’m not surprised bcas these ppl are definitely manipulative.”

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