Jamaican Farm Worker in Canada Complains About “Hard Work” in Strawberry Fields – Watch Video

A Jamaican who has experienced how hard it is to work abroad doing farm work tells his side of how harsh the work is and how he relies on God to help him push through the rough period of his life.

The farm worker shared, “Is a hard work. When man deh dem a work yah to rawtid and di woman dem a Jamaica look and see man feh send money come give dem, dem ask him wah this dem send, and yuh nuh know how hard mi work.” He mentioned that after getting off work at night he is so tired that he finds it really hard to even make it to his pillow.


“Only God mi affi ask…fi help mi. Without God wi cyah work, without God wi cyah talk…wi better put wi plea innah God. Under dem yah work yah everybody affi get save to and go to God ennuh man. A one hard work ennuh, it nuh pretty,” he elaborated.

Talking about the working conditions, he says that he has to get down on his knees daily to pick the strawberries and that even when praying to God he never stays on his knees as long as when he is working. “Wi cyah eat, wi cyah sleep. As wi put down wi head a morning time day light, wi affi head back innah strawberry field,” he recounts.

Despite the situation, he still has his humour intact and joked that he should have been born a woman so that he did not have to work so hard and that he could have been, “on the road side fi one man deh look mi.”

Wrapping up, he said, “Strawberry hard bwoi…but mi affi give e Lord thanks and praise still, mi can set all mi pot outta e.”

Watch the video below:

In the comment section of the Instagram post, many sympathised with the man’s plight, but at the same time, others viewed the video and stated that he was the one who put himself in his current situation.

Nikki__dee said, “Farm work inna Canada is not ez, it pays very little and them treat the workers very bad! Might as well farm in JA and feed our own people…” while candybeanstalk1984 wrote, “No one force you to leave Jamaica to be on your knees, picking strawberries πŸ“. You choose to be there.”

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