Jamaican Gunmen Show Off Their Rifles and Buss-Shots in the Air as Kids Watch – See Videos

Two videos surfaced showing Jamaican men with rifles that are now attracting attention online. Although the faces of the armed individuals are not clearly visible, one of the videos shows one man proudly displaying his firearm which looks brand new.

The other video shared online shows the men casually pacing back and forth with their firearms in a neighbourhood at night. They can also be seen discharging their weapons into the air, sparking excited cheers from their associates as kids stand in the streets and watch the usual activities.


Watch the videos below:

After the video was posted on Instagram on Wednesday, most viewers of the footage took to the comments with criticisms. “A few moments later…..or Officer it wasn’t real, it is the effects in a music video…STAY TUNED 🤦🏾,” IG user lexusunruly said.

Another IG user commented, “Suh yk new machine touch di block.” Additionally, kellymkimona expressed, “This is so sad and disturbing i want them all fi go down.”

Read more of the comments below:

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