Jamaican Hurdler ‘Megan Tapper’ Shows Off Eye-catching Moments From Her Trip to South Africa

Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 1:33 PM

Jamaican sprint hurdler Megan Tapper has been enjoying her well-deserved off-season by embarking on an exciting trip to South Africa. The talented athlete, known for her incredible speed and agility, took some time off from her rigorous training schedule to explore the wonders of this beautiful country.

During her trip, Tapper had the opportunity to immerse herself in the rich culture and history of South Africa. Not only did Tapper indulge in sightseeing, but she also visited the cute animals South Africa had on display to its tourists.



Throughout her journey, Tapper made sure to document her experiences through stunning photographs and videos, capturing the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant energy of South Africa. Sharing these pictures on her social media platforms, she gave her fans a glimpse into her off-season adventures and motivated them to explore new horizons.

She shared the photos and videos with the caption, “Take me back to Stellenbosch please.”

Away from the pressures of competition, Tapper took the time to relax and rejuvenate, ensuring she returned to her training regime feeling refreshed and invigorated. This trip served as not only a vacation but also a source of inspiration, fueling her passion for her sport and reminding her of the bigger picture beyond the track.


As Tapper embraces her off-season, it is evident that she values the importance of downtime and self-care. Her trip to South Africa not only provided her with a chance to recharge but also allowed her to grow as an individual, broadening her cultural awareness and building connections with people from different backgrounds.

In conclusion, Megan Tapper’s trip to South Africa during her off-season highlights the importance of balance and cultural exploration for athletes. By venturing beyond their comfort zones, they gain valuable experiences that contribute to their personal growth and overall well-being.

See the video below of Tapper’s visit to a South African safari:


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