This Jamaican Implicated in Beauty Store Robbery in Florida, USA – See Pics, Watch Video

A Jamaican influencer known popularly by the name of Quincy Batman was caught on camera robbing a Florida beauty store called Ulta Beauty.

The incident with Batman (as he is widely called) occurred on Thursday, January 5, 2023, in Florida. The Port St. Lucie police reported that Batman, along with two other individuals made off with over $6,000 worth of cologne and perfume from the store located at 10740 SW Village Parkway.


Investigations into the matter have been launched and the authorities are searching for the three young men.

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The men can be seen on camera entering the store with huge trash bags, weaving between aisles, and clearing multiple shelves. It was also reported that the thieves absconded from the scene in a 2018 BMW X3 SUV.

Images and video of the robbery were uploaded to Pinkwall’s Facebook account where the men (all wearing a mask except for Batman) were caught in the act. The comment section of the post not only drew reproachful words but also hilarity as some comments made light of the fact that the influencer did not even hide his face.

Janice Wright said, “I am not laughing on a serious level these are the ppl that are mostly given the opportunity to make life better and instead them guh a foreign guh give Jamaica and hard working Jamaicans bad name. Kmt,” while Jillian stated, “Ah yo watch Batmas face on camera clean and clear.. Ah never fraid to Rasta Jah 😂😂😂.” Another person even pointed out, “I was watching his life and he was selling perfume dam.”

See more comments below:

Screenshot 20230114 083322 Facebook
Screenshot 20230114 083409 Facebook

See pictures and the video of the robbery below:

FB IMG 1673702850721
FB IMG 1673702858398
Screenshot 20230114 083538 Chrome
Screenshot 20230114 083552 Chrome
Quincy Batman caught on camera stealing
Screenshot 20230114 083614 Chrome
Screenshot 20230114 083637 Chrome

Previous reports were also mentioned where Batman was once again caught on camera robbing another store of the same chain (Ulta Beauty) in another state. This incident took place in Spring Township on May 4, 2022, at around 5:39 PM. The store is located at Paper Mill Road and the police department in the area was said to be investigating the retail theft.

See the report below:

Screenshot 20230114 082948 Facebook

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