Jamaican Priest Describes Seeing UFOs “Spaceships” in Blue Mountain – Watch Video

Friday, January 5, 2024, 9:43 AM

Priest Fagan details his experience with the sightings of spaceships or UFOs in the Blue Mountains. The priest began by explaining what space is, “to me, space means out of the planet Earth, out of terrestrial.”

He continued by stating that he was not a believer in the many sightings that have been reported in recent times, that’s until he experienced the phenomenon for himself multiple times.


“From the day me born until now, with that and the time at Buchanan, I never seen summin’ like that me breda, a wheels within wheels flashing circles, neo lights. Yuh have a time when like the whole fleet while it is going upwardly yuh see the light them on the ground if it goes this way it never leaves the circle formation,” Priest Fagan stated.

According to the Priest, he and his congregation saw the flying objects in the sky on two occasions in two different places. He continued his interview on I Never Knew TV, by linking the sightings with scriptures from the King James version of the Bible.

Fagan went on to declare that the spaceships are heavenly ships that have the ability or the potential of invisibility and visibility, based on the Bible scriptures, which he follows.

See the video:

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