Jamaican Prison Luxury Compared to French Prison Luxury – Videos

While many inmates are living in poor conditions, some are fortunate to have more hygienic living conditions.

A video has surfaced online showing a French prison cell that is quite luxurious. The video begins with a glimpse of the corridor and proceeds to show inside a cell that boasts a shoe stand occupied by sneakers, men’s shirts displayed on a clothes rack, a small flat-screen TV, and a small bed.

Continuing, the video reveals a small kitchen-like area with cupboards, a mini counter, and a table. The cell also features a small bathroom area, in which a toilet, sink, shelves, and mirror can be seen.

Watch the video of the French prison cell below:

The video went viral after it was shared on X on Saturday, amassing over 8 million views and 31.8K likes.

One viewer commented under the post, “I thought it was bad on the side of the pond, so-called prisons like this make them want to reoffend, because they can’t get a better life outside of prison.”

Another viewer wrote, “His got a nicer apartment than me. WTF?”

Read more of the comments below:

While Jamaican luxury prisons might not be as fancy as that French cell, some Jamaicans have made their cells quite cosy. A video was shared online showing a Jamaican inmate’s luxurious cell.

In the video, the inmate shows his small flat-screen TV perched on a shelf, wall-mounted tissue, and his fan next to his small bed. The video also shows other shelves filled with items and picture frames, most of which are empty.

Watch the video of the Jamaican Prison video:

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