Jamaican Tries to Get Across Mexican Border to the US; Tells Reporter He Fled Island Due to Violence – Watch Video

A Jamaican who claims to have fled his birth country due to the rampant violence present there details his hardships of getting to the Mexican border in order to attain a new life.

During an interview, a 24-year-old man from Jamaica by the name of Demario Jones stated that he travelled to the Mexican border, along with his mother and other individuals, with the thoughts of crossing over into America so that he could find a job.

He said, “We’ve been here three days already. It’s difficult because we don’t have anything to eat, we haven’t take any baths, and it’s very hot, and it’s very cold in the nights.”

He mentioned that along with being challenging and a lot of stress physically and mentally, it was also expensive because he had to pay the Mexican cartels to get to the border.

“Just want to go to the US to get a work to change my life and live a good life,” he said. Declaring the reason why he left Jamaica he voiced, “I have to run away because they kill my father.”

Watch the video below:

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