Jamaican YouTuber Alicia Opens Up About Her 37 Years Age-Gap Relationship With Husband ‘Boo’ – Watch Interview

Thursday, March 30, 2023, 5:50 PM GMT-5

In a revealing and controversy-filled interview conducted by Smile Jamaica morning programme hosts Simone and Janelle via Zoom, digital creator Alicia Kim spills all the beans on her 37 years age-gap relationship with her husband whom she refers to as Boo.

According to the two female hosts of the popular morning programme, Alicia was glowing with love as they jokingly asked, “is that love you’re wearing girl?,” to which Alicia replied, “oh it’s love, honey.”

Wasting no time, Simone asked Alicia how she met her 37 years senior age partner and Alicia explained that she met her husband through a family member, who gave Boo her number while he was on vacation in Jamaica and began texting her on Whatsapp when he went back to the States. She claimed that their relationship only grew stronger and stronger from then on. Alicia also stated that the two met in person for the first time three months after their initial communication via Whatsapp.

The content creator was asked during the interview about the common interests she and her husband shared, given the massive age difference. “I love that question because people think they can get me like they can’t have nothing in common, but let me tell you, we love, the core of us we are family orientated, we are goal-oriented, business-minded, listen when I met my husband, Simone we weren’t asking what’s your favourite colour, we were asking where do you see yourself in five years, what are your dreams,” Alicia explained to Simone.

Given the criticism that has been coming Alicia’s way because of the huge age gap in her marriage of more than four years, Janelle asked her how she deals with the negativity. Alicia replied, “initially to be honest it was very hard to see people saying that especially knowing that it’s not true, I was more worried about him believing it, but he didn’t and even now being on social media I see it every day that I’m just a gold digger.”

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In closing the interview, Simone pressed Alicia to get her husband to say a few words for the camera, which she obliged. When Boo was asked by Simone if Alicia was a good wife he replied, “real good wife, yuh nuh, I wouldn’t trade her for nothing.”

Watch the full interview below:

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