Jamaicans Are Dying Younger Than Before According to Evidence the Population is “Sick” Says Minister Of Health Christopher Tufton – Watch Video

In an uninspiring revelation by The Minster responsible for the health arm of the government, Christopher Tufton says Jamaica’s population is dying at a younger age more than ever due to lifestyle diseases in his address at the sitting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

The Health Minister described Jamaica as a “sick” population and proceeded to reel off some damning statistics to prove his point. “One in three Jamaicans suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure, one in eight diabetes parochially called sugar, one in two overweight or obese, which is the modifiable risk factor modifiable meaning with an adjustment in lifestyle, we can change that… It is a fact …” Minister Tufton outlined.

The minister also revealed that most people living with these types of diseases he listed are unaware they have a health disorder. Tufton says drug (Tobacco and Alcohol) abuse, lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits are the leading factors of Jamaica’s sick population.

In terms of the increase in Jamaicans dying younger more frequently from health complications, the minister stated, “It is a fact the numbers bear it out that Jamaicans are, in fact, dying younger, and it didn’t start over the last two years based on the trend analysis over the last decade the evidence is showing that persons based on average life expectancy about 75 years are in fact getting ill earlier in their life stage and may are dying before the age of 75.”

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The main contributor to Jamaicans dying at a younger age is lifestyle diseases and being unaware of their health status. As outlined by Minister Tufton, “This rate of increase for persons who are getting sick earlier dying younger, as a result of lifestyle disease is increasing 30% increase, compared to 19% from all causes.”

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See the video below:

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