Jamaicans React to Bob Marley Interview Reenacted by Kingsley Ben-Adir – Watch Videos

A comparison is being made between a clip from one of Bob Marley’s interviews and the same interview Kingsley Ben-Adir did in the biopic Bob Marley: One Love, where he portrays the Reggae legend. The biopic has faced significant criticism for not casting a Jamaican, particularly one of Bob Marley’s sons, as the King of Reggae.

The side-by-side interviews which were shared on Bob Marley’s social media accounts have sparked further criticism from Jamaicans, who argue that the British actor did not accurately portray Bob Marley in the interview.

Kingsley Ben-Adir and Bob Marley

During the interview, Bob Marley expresses the significance of his life by casually saying, “My life is not important to me. If my life is only for me, my own security, then mi nuh want it.”

In the clip of Ben-Adir reiterating Bob Marley’s perception of his life, he did not appear as relaxed as Bob Marley did.

Watch the side-by-side interviews below:

The two interviews were shared on Facebook on April 4th and have since amassed over 240K views and more than 9.4K likes. One Facebook user remarked that Ben-Adir was “trying way too hard” and added, “They should have cast an actual Marley.”

Another viewer criticized the actor, saying, “The accent is not convincing, too forced, and his attitude ain’t chill. Should have just casted a Jamaican.”

Another person commented, “I thought the film was disappointing.”

However, numerous comments praise the film and Ben-Adir’s acting.

One person said, “Great acting.”

Another viewer wrote, “Absolutely love this film.”

Read more of the comments below:

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