Jamaicans React to Minister Olivia Grange’s Spiritual Endeavours Before Elections – See Pics and Watch Video

Tuesday, February 6, 2024, 11:33 AM

A newly surfaced video, along with accompanying pictures, showing Minister Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange at what some say is a revival church has ignited controversy. The content sparked public speculations about whether the Jamaica Labour Party is seeking spiritual aid in beating the opposition during the upcoming local government elections.

Grange’s spiritual endeavours, which included a candle-lighting ceremony, are casting a negative light on the JLP since the election is just around the corner. Many have speculated that the Minister of Culture and Entertainment may be dabbling in Obeah, also known as Guzu.


The controversial pictures show a table adorned with numerous green and white candles, as well as various fruits and food items. 

Grange is featured in two photos: one where she appears to be lighting a candle, presumably to illuminate the others, and another where she is pictured holding the melting-lit candle.

In response, many Instagram users flooded the Monday post with assumptions that some other IG users dismissed. 

Comments from viewers consisted, “disgraceful”, “This nuh look good,” and someone else saying that the politicians “been a use guzu longtime, a tru social [media] leak everything nw.”

Someone also joked about Grange being Valiant’s aunt “so a siance.”

One of the comments shutting down the speculations about Obeah said, “It’s rival church not Obeah so please seek the information before jumping the gun.”

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Meanwhile, a separate video that surfaced, showing more scenes from the night of Grange’s spiritual activities, shows her and other members inside the church dancing.

Watch the video of Grange below:

After watching the video, one IG user said, “Wonder if dem ppl yah know sey God real.” Another responded with, “Now unu wonder why dem ban Obeah right ??? A dem alone fi WUK it.”

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