Jamaicans React to New Bing AI App Talking Patois – See Posts

Fascinated that the new AI (artificial intelligence) technology developed by Bing, referred to as “Your AI copilot” can communicate in patois, Jamaicans have been tweeting about the application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store app.

Powered by the same technology that powers the ChatGPT, the Bing AI allows you to ask questions and is able to structure complete sentences with its vast array of knowledge, translation, and finding information.


It also has a feature that allows it to communicate in the native language or dialect of the user, which is why most Jamaicans are highly impressed.

One specific user took to Twitter to say, “Guys… the Bing AI understands patois.” They even posted a screenshot of their interaction with the AI and this sparked a conversation in the comments where the person who started the thread noted that as the app is not yet fully available to everyone, there is a waiting list for downloaders who will be notified once they can use it.

Another person stated, “People keep underestimating the technology but those who know how to maneuver it will be more productive anywhere they go,” while another expressed, “Damn this is so impressive it’s scary.”

See the post and read more comments below:

Another Twitter user, Tafari — he/him/his, stated, “Bbc a true 💀,” and uploaded his own screenshot showing where he asked the AI to speak to him in Patois and the AI seamlessly transitioned to the dialect, also employing the use of emoji.

Read the interaction below:

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