Jamaicans Wondering Why Local Government Elections Final Results Taking So Long

After much fanfare and excitement for the local government elections which took place on Monday, February 26, 2024, citizens are still waiting on the outcome of the elections, as the final tally for voting has not yet been finalized.

This has caused a state of confusion to settle over the island, and many are left wondering why it is taking so long to announce a winner.

Preliminary results revealed that there was a tie between both of the nation’s parties in Clarendon where the JLP (Jamaica Labour Party) and the PNP (People’s National Party) claimed 11 divisions and in Kingston and St. Andrew where each party claimed 20 divisions.

The Municipal Corporations won by the PNP was tallied at 4 while the JLP won a total of 7.

According to the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Glasspole Brown, the Director of Elections, stated that the final count has started and that, “As soon as they come in, we will be releasing it to the public.”

It was also mentioned (after an update on Tuesday evening) that the final counting of the ballots from St. Andrew East was transferred to the EOJ’s (Electoral Office of Jamaica) head office and the final count for that division is scheduled to begin at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, February 28.

As the counting of the ballots continues, many Jamaicans seem to have their ear to the ground awaiting the final results as indicated by the many memes and skits scattered across various social media platforms.

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