WATCH: Scenes From Japan’s Massive 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake

Monday, January 1, 2024, 10:42 AM

Tragedy struck Japan at the start of the New Year in the form of a massive 7.5 magnitude earthquake that left residents terrified and infrastructure ruined.

Multiple images and videos from during and the aftermath of the quake are being shared on social media as concern for Japan spikes in the face of the disaster. Multiple aftershocks were recorded throughout Japan, mainly in Niigata and Ishikawa, ranging from 6.2 to 4.8 magnitudes.


The main quake hit Nanoa, Ishikawa, Japan early Monday morning.

Footage shows buildings and hanging structures in transport centres shaking and momentarily losing power as the earthquake took effect. Residential homes were seen left in rubble and roadways split or cracked with people milling around outside.

A tsunami warning has been issued for Japan’s western coast following the quake as water activity starts to become more erratic. An evacuation order was also issued for the Ishikawa prefecture and waves of up to three meters could become possible according to The Japan Times.

Approximately 32,500 homes lost power in Ishikawa and many individuals have been injured. Over 51,000 people in five prefectures, including Niigata, Yamagata, and Ishikawa have been told to leave the surrounding area after the tsunami warning.

Many people on social media sent out prayers for the safety of the Japanese people and for a quick recovery from the latest disaster. AyeNur AvLin stated, “A sobering start to the new year in Japan with a 7.6 magnitude earthquake. Our hearts go out to all affected by this upsetting event. Wishing for safety, resilience, and recovery.”

Another individual who moved to Japan said, “It was the worst earthquake I’ve experienced since I moved to Japan less than 10 years ago…”

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