Jerk Chicken Kings of Jamaica? – Watch Video

Jamaica is known as the island of flavourful spices and for its famous jerk, a delicacy that is a part of the country’s history and can be traced back centuries. Using a blend of natural herbs and seasonings, a unique flavour is created, making this meal one of the finest for tourists and locals wanting to experience a taste of the island.

Dubbed the “Jerk Chicken Kings of Jamaica,” the men of Northside Chicken, a popular spot located across from the U.S. Embassy on Hope Road in Kingston have been catering to the public for decades. Glenville Allen noted as the CEO of the company inherited the trade from his father, Hopeton, a known name on the streets with whom he works alongside.


Another prominent name at the location is Indian or “Michael Jackson”, who has been in the business for decades, providing delicious jerk chicken to the busy crowd.

Captivating the palates of everyone that takes a bite of their food, their jerk meals which also consists of pork are served alongside slices of bread and/or roast breadfruit. The meats are seasoned with Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper, thyme and escallion that is placed inside of the chicken and left to marinate for hours before being applied to the grill.

More so, this livelihood is the job of many persons across the island, many of whom have used the opportunity to gain financial independence. But much like our music and language, jerk may be referred to as distinctly Jamaican, as it is an expression of the rich cultural history.

VICE did a mini-documentary with the “Jerk Men” who operate across from the U.S. Embassy on Hope Road, the documentary has racked up 1.7 million views in two weeks.

Watch the full video below:

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