Juici Patties In Florida: Jamaicans Form Long Line Inside-and-Outside – Watch Video

The love for Jamaican patties has spread further abroad to the extent that the market for the delectable baked treat is in high demand, and to match that demand the United States (U.S.) has opened its first Juici Patties store in Hollywood, Florida.

Juici Patties is a family-owned business that graduated from being a homemade delicacy baked at home (by Jukie Chin [16]) and sold at a local corner shop in 1978 to expanding into a restaurant in 1980 and going on to become one of the biggest Jamaican-owned restaurants with over 60 local chains and multiple other branches in different countries.

The chain has now made it to the US with a branch opening on Thursday, March 22, 2014, with a large turnout. According to multiple videos of the location opening, although it was a rainy day, many people showed up to the restaurant to purchase their own patties.

A long line can be seen starting from inside the restaurant and reaching up to a block away from the building according to a fellow Jamaican who went to taste test the patties.

Treatsby_t02 stated that the inside of the establishment was aesthetically pleasing and contained “the authentic Jamaican chairs” to create a feel of ‘yaad’, and also the official Juici Patties bags as packaging. There were multiple pictures showcasing different parts of Jamaica on the walls.

It was said that the restaurant has no vegan options and only sells chicken, cheese, and beef patties as of now.

Watch the videos below:

In response to the video which was showcased by the Jamaica Observer, people asked Juici to come to their location next when looking to expand, while others promised to go and support.

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My fault OG said, “Going there asap,” Mariposa stated, “Thank god! Tired of Golden Krust frozen patties but at least it tastes better than the Grace patties!” and AScribersLifeForMe wrote, “Come to New York, I beg!”

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