Kanye Bares Butt on Risqué Boat Ride With Wife in Italy – See Photos

Some people are growing increasingly concerned and outraged by Kanye West’s actions as he continues to push the boundaries of normal behaviour. 

The rapper and his new wife, Bianca Censori, were spotted in Venice on multiple occasions in varying states of undress that had the locals quite upset. They have been seen a number of times with Bianca sporting very risqué clothing like skin tight clothes, body suits that display her breasts and mesh clothing. 



Their outfits were regarded as being publicly indecent in Italy, as the country is a catholic and very conservative in their way of life.

The couple again took it too far when they decided on a romantic boat ride in a river taxi called the Mina. The pair were accompanied by another female who was dressed from head to toe along with Kanye and Bianca. However, when they boarded the boat, Bianca seemed to remove her trench coat, and Kanye pulled down his pants. 


The couple were in full view of other boat riders but did not pay them any attention even when they pulled out their phones. Kanye’s butt was on full display and Bianca was sitting in front of him with her head turned towards his unclothed lap in a seemingly sexual manner. 

One person reshared some images of the couple from the boat ride on social media wondering if they were okay. 


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