Kanye West Rejects The Divorce Demands

Kanye West has been trying to rekindle his marriage with Kim Kardashian for over a month, and now it seems he has lost all hope of ever reuniting his family because he is taking his objections to Kim’s divorce demands into the legal field.

Kim had previously requested to be declared legally single in the middle of their ongoing divorce and Kanye filed his response on Wednesday. The American rapper, according to Page Six, said he wants measures to be put in place to protect his assets before he decides. Ye also stated that Kim’s attorney denied all of his proposals.

It is said that Kanye is worrying about the KKW Beauty mogul remarrying before the divorce is completed. This could be the reason why there’s an urge for the documentation months after Kim made the initial filing.

Kanye went on to request that a “right of reimbursement” be established to ensure that either party would be reimbursed the money owed to them should the other party die. This was rejected by Kim’s attorney who “asserted that this condition is unnecessary given the premarital agreement.”

In the documents, Ye is also concerned about assets being transferred out of the trusts they created so he wants to ensure this doesn’t happen. However, it is deemed “unnecessary” by Kim since the terms of their prenup ensured that all of their assets were kept separate from the beginning of their marriage.

His final requests are that the SKIMS founder renounces marital privilege until an agreement can be met regarding the custody of their four children and also a finalized agreement on the property.

If the marital privilege is waived, their communication would be recorded in court. With him wanting Kim to waive her privilege if she remarries, the court would also have access to any conversations about custody.

In March, Kardashian’s legal marital status will be discussed in a hearing.

The Divorce was filed by Kim in February of 2021, and only now making some progress because Kanye was reluctant to address the matter.

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