Kartel and JA’s Court of Appeal Waiting On Privy Council: Buchanan Talks Possibilities and Answers “Bail” Questions – Watch Interview

Amid heightened public interest in Vybz Kartel’s case, his attorney, Isat Buchanan, has given “clarity” on what the next step for him and his client will be after the artiste won his appeal in the Privy Council.

On Thursday, Kartel, Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Kahira Jones, and Andre St. John won their appeal in the United Kingdom Privy Council, which overturned their 2014 murder convictions. The Privy Council also diverted the final ruling in the case, whether the men would be acquitted or retried, to the Jamaica Court of Appeal.

Following the Privy Council’s decision, Cambell’s attorney, Bert Samuels, expressed that any person awaiting a decision from the local court can apply for bail. It was expected and reported that Kartel and his co-accused would likely seek bail pending the local appeal court’s retrial decision.

However, during a later interview, Buchanan clarified that he did not say that he was going to seek bail for his client. He further explained that the local appeal court is not able to begin the process of making a decision until the Privy Council has sent the relevant documents.

In regards to how long that would take, Buchanan said he does not know and is not the type to guess. Amid the uncertainty in the time frame currently surrounding the case, Buchanan highlighted that the appeal was expedited due to Kartel’s poor health and that all matters in the case should likewise be handled quickly.

“People have forgotten that this hearing was an expedited hearing. So all treatment of this matter ought to be done on an expedited basis, and we will be taking that type of approach to dealing with it. Because whatever it is, Mr Palmer has a medical emergency [ … ] that was anticipated to be done sooner than later that the prison system simply cannot manage,” Buchanan stated.

He added that he is confident that the local court will not take the matter lightly.

Watch a segment from the interview with Buchanan below.

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