Kaylan Dowdie And Loved Ones Speak About Recovery Journey

In the comforts of her home, Kaylan Dowdie expressed gratitude for the support and prayers she has received throughout her darkest times.

The teen, who was almost killed after being severely beaten 18 months ago, was only given a 1% chance of surviving by the doctors, but she battled her injuries and now she’s seated happily in a wheelchair in her bedroom.


“Thank you for everything, for the prayers,” she said in very soft-spoken words since she has not yet recovered her strong voice.

With Kaylan’s return home, her 12-year-old sister, Shyann Price told TVJ reporters she was happy to have her sister back, noting things will feel completely normal again when Kaylan starts singing as she always did. Nevertheless, Shyann felt the “sad days” were over.

Sharing this sentiment, Kaylan’s mother Veneshia Buckley expressed her happiness to have her daughter home, adding that she would be giving the 19-year-old female songs to sing when her voice returned.

Songs are only part of the big plan she has, which includes a book detailing their journey. Buckley, who was now an ordained Minister intending to start her own ministry, shared that the music will be gospel.

Buckley recalled the journey to be the most difficult period of her life when she was being told by people to let her daughter go and pull the plug.

Despite the ill-advised comments she received, there were many supporters who stuck by her side.

“People that I have never known in my entire life, who reached out, who invested their time, their money, their prayers,” she explained, saying persons called her even late at night to pray with her.

Buckley felt that God sent some of her supporters in time she desperately needed them and she expressed that she loves them. Buckley also shard that it was important to “never give up” no matter what happens.

Additionally, Kaylan’s nurse, Alecia Anderson, stated that the family feels very much like her own family, and it feels as if she has known Kaylan for many years.

Kaylan, who is currently still dependent on three machines for oxygen, still requires 24/7 nurse care, and she will be required to take physiotherapy to be back on her feet.

Her mother said the treatment is extremely expensive, so she is requesting help from anyone who is capable of donating.

Watch the video below of Kaylan and her family at home.

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