Kaylan Dowdie Gets Backlash for Singing Shaneil Muir’s Raunchy Song – Watch Videos

Kaylan Dowdie, widely known as a survivor of a brutal 2020 attack, has received a lot of criticism for singing one of Shaneil Muir’s raunchy songs.

The 19-year-old shocked her fans with a TikTok video that received mixed reactions. The clip, which showed the teen seemingly inside her room mouthing the words to one of Shaneil Muir’s explicit freestyles, left many voicing their disappointments.

In the video, the song is heard playing in the background, and Kaylan, with a tracheostomy tube inserted into her windpipe, mouthed the lyrics. “Nuh bruck bwoy cyaa bruck inna it, Top Gyal you a f*ck, star struck inna it, Di one f*ck weh mi gi him, him stuck inna it, round di clock P-P clock clock,” she sang. 

While the video has accumulated over 33.8k likes since it was posted Saturday, there were over 2582 comments from persons who approved and disapproved. One commenter said, “Sing girl it doesn’t mean u don’t love the Lord.jus be Happy,” while another wrote, “You should be singing God’s grace and mercy kept you and me.”

A third TikTok user stated, “Lord u r still Lord even when we fail to live for you after all you brought us through…..” More viewers told her to use her second chance “wisely” and that they were upset about what she was doing. 

On the other hand, many fans rushed to her defence, telling others that they should leave her alone and stop being judgmental over what she chose to do with her life. Kaylan was also present in the comments, defending herself against the backlash. Responding to someone who commented, “This is very sad,” Kaylan asked, “What you’re life?” Another person stated, “Sometimes god spare we life fi see watt next kmdt,” to which Kaylan replied, “Every day you wake up means god spared your life so what exactly are you saying?”

The backlash was apparently getting so intense that the teen made another video, officially addressing the critics. In the second video, she sat on her bed with her back turned while the gospel song Here I Am To Worship played in the background.

In the caption, she wrote, “I praise god every chance I get I thank him every chance I get I might not be a Christian but I sure am a child of god but NOBODY is going to tell me what I should post or shouldn’t post nobody is going to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do I will sing what I want I will do what I want and I will post whatever I feel like posting.”

Kaylan has been battling her injuries since she was beaten by five women in 2020. The attack sent her into a coma, and the doctors gave her only a 1% chance of surviving. Miraculously, she defied the odds, and in April 2022, she was released from the hospital. Her story touched many hearts across the globe, and scores of prayers were sent out for her recovery. She has since been returning to a life of normalcy.

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